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Hi, I’m Amanda. The mission of IPFJ is to help women grow in passion for Christ Jesus. On this blog, you’ll find articles to help you cultivate a life with God that is rooted in His Word and walked out in practical, daily devotion to Him.

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Staying in the Word When You Feel Stuck

Staying in the Word can be especially difficult when you feel stuck. Even if we have a tried and true daily Bible reading plan, we can feel like we’re in a rut at times. Maybe we’re facing greater stress in our lives, the loss of a loved one or a heftier daily schedule. This feeling may last for a week or a day, but it can become quite frustrating. Check out these ideas for staying in the Word even when you feel stuck.

Believers in Crisis

On January 6, 2021, something beyond horrendous occurred at the Capitol in the United States. What happened was unthinkable, and it left me wondering if words even exist to describe the ugliness of it. It was chaos, it was violent, and it was wrong. Christ’s name and a truly biblical understanding of Christianity was maligned … Continue reading Believers in Crisis


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Passion for Christ is expressed as we live in a way that seeks to worship, honor and obey the Lord.