Facedown Before Him

How can any of us not be overtaken with the desire to bow down or kneel in praise and awe before our Lord?

Jesus sacrificed it all for us, we who don’t at all deserve this and never will, yet He died for us to renew our relationship with our Creator and to renew the calling to us, as His disciples, to further His Kingdom by sharing our testimonies, sharing the many things God has done for us in our lives, and by sharing our own awe in how amazing our God truly is.

Such a feeling of awe is utterly indescribable, and it should leave us unable be still, but call out in praise, prayer and worship to our Lord, laying ourselves facedown before Him. It leaves us yearnings for even more of Him and to be closer to Him in all aspects of our lives, and in that, wanting to bring others to Him as well because how could they not want to do the same?

Want to hear more along these lines? Check out Matt Redman’s book Facedown.

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