In Awe of the Savior

What does our worship of our King look like? Are we moved and in awe of the Savior? Are we inspired with passion to know Him and make Him known? Do our souls leap within us, stirring a song of thanksgiving to pour forth from our lips?

Jesus sacrificed it all for us. We could never earn it, yet He died for us. Christ brought us back into relationship with Father. He has called us as His disciples to further His Kingdom. We build one another up. We share our testimonies in witness of what He has done for us.

Oh that we would be in awe of the Savior. Such a feeling of awe is fuel for our passion for Him. Awe-struck, we should be moved to praise Him, to pray for others to know Him. Might we be left yearning to know Him more and live obedient to Him in everything.

This awe, may it be contagious. May others see our adoration of the Savior. Let us live lives making much of Him, that others may wonder, perhaps being led to ask us about this God who has moved us to awe-struck worship.