Worship God Wholeheartedly

I know that most of you know that Jesus died on the cross in order that our sins may be forgiven, that we could have a restored relationship with God by His sacrifice. Sometimes I think it helps for us to recall again all He went through for us. He suffered and died for us. Wow.

In my own experience, I just cannot cease to thank Him, to love Him, and to show Him this each and every day, through how I live my life and through worshiping Him with my whole heart.

At times let’s sing and shout praises to Him, let’s raise our hands, let’s show it through our eyes and our faces what God has done for us, what we’re feeling in our heart because of the indescribably amazing sacrifice of the truest of love that He gave!

At other times let’s stand in awe, speechless at all He has done. Even standing or sitting in reflection with your eyes closed shows emotion. Think about the words you are singing or hearing, reflect on them, let them remind you of how great, how indescribable our God truly is!

After what He did and continues to do for us in our lives, showing us His perfect love for us constantly, how can we stand motionless or, at the least, emotionless?

We’ve been made to worship! It should be our desire to worship Him with our whole hearts, to worship and love Him with all the strength of our hearts, souls and minds, in both Spirit and in truth! As Psalm 150 exclaims, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!”

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