Worship Misconceptions: Worship Is More Than a Church Service

Worship is more than that weekly event called a church service. In fact, worship is not simply an event at all; worship is a lifestyle which we are all living.

We all worship something, which is revealed by how we live our every day lives. Our lives may show that we are worship ourselves, our goals, success or someone else. Our aim as believers should be to give all our worship to God alone, weekly in church and in surrendering our lives and desires to Him in everything.

When worship involves singing or speaking in church or otherwise, do we get upset when the chosen songs are not the style or choice we’d prefer? Do we feel like we haven’t “had church” if we don’t feel a certain way?

But the truth is this: the worship service isn’t about us or for us. Worship is for and about God alone. As we worship, we exalt Him as most important in our lives. We show our gratitude toward Him for all He has done for us. We not only gather once weekly to worship Him, but we worship Him as we seek to glorify Him in every aspect of our lives.

We not only gather once weekly to worship Him, but we worship Him as we seek to glorify Him in every aspect of our lives.

Worship is about so much more than singing in a weekly church service. The preaching of the Word and our listening to it is part of our worship. The way we live our lives as Christians is worship.

Worshiping God is meant to be more. It is an expression of living our lives in a way that pleases God, seeking to delight in Him which results in honoring Him in every aspect of daily life. This includes worship together at church, working our jobs and even simply loving our families.

Worship is for God and not for ourselves. Though living a worshipful lifestyle can benefit us, we do not do so for our own gain. Truly we are worshiping something or someone in every detail of our lives. May it be that our worship is given only to the God who created us. May we worship Him in every aspect of every day life.

3 thoughts on “Worship Misconceptions: Worship Is More Than a Church Service

  1. Hi there….I had to smile when I read your answer to my question today….I’m in the very same place with the very same dream which inspired the question in the first place…Isn’t our God just awesome!!! I’ll be praying for those doors to open to you!!!



  2. Amen! Great post. It reminds me of the song “its all about You Jesus-Getting back to the heart of worship.” Whenever we sing that corporately I always am wondering if the people are really understanding what it means-it always breaks me. I know my heart is not always in the right place. It is ALL about HIM.


  3. great thoughts! and i totally agree with you. some of the side-benefits of worship include teaching, encouraging, and unifying… but the primary purpose for worship is exalting GOD alone. and, yes, this involves SO much more than just songs…
    great post


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