They Just Stood Waiting for Something, Someone

More than just the usual handful of us were left hungry for God after worship on Sunday. It was an exciting day of services for me as I awaited God’s answer to many of our prayers. (By the way, we have a morning ‘traditional music’ worship service, bible study classes, and then a second morning service of more contemporary worship music.)

Our worship pastor taught a great sermon on the core elements involved in worship (core as an acronym, which was unplanned by him but not unplanned by the Lord! Maybe something for another entry…) This sermon we thought was much needed. It also made the service different for a change with music interspersed throughout to illustrate his points as well as engage the congregation into these elements of worship by actually doing them! Then, after a final worship song and a prayer during the contemporary service in particular, the congregation was dismissed, but all just stood there, waiting for something… Someone! :)

In response, we launched into another song (that was originally planned anyway), and for possibly the first time in our church (at least since I’ve been there), there was the energy of the worship of God pouring through onto the platform from the congregation. Usually, this ‘worship energy’ comes from the platform and stops at some sort of invisible wall that seems to be up, but not this time! The energy of the Spirit of God filled the place and all in it who were truly worshiping!

Our God is faithful, so faithful! What an answer to prayer! I look forward to what He continues to do in the people of our church, and then as His love pours out from our hearts into our community and city! This was definitely a turning point in our church, and we can only thank God for it as He begins to do a mighty work in our church!

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