What If You Couldn’t Sing/Play?

A friend and I were chatting today about worship. From our conversation I thought of a challenging but intriguing question that I would like to pose.

The Question:

What if you could not sing, play an instrument, speak (or write), hear, dance, or move at all — In such a predicament, how would you approach worshiping God? How would you then worship Him without being able to do any of these things?

Now, I know, this is quite a question. I can already sense some responses I may get (or give myself). I know feeling (emotion) will have a lot to do with it, but let’s try to delve even deeper!

I can’t wait to hear some of your responses! Even if your response is “I have no idea!” I’d like to hear that kind of honesty as well, so respond anyway! When I see some of your responses, I’ll share my own and possibly respond to some of what others have to say.

16 thoughts on “What If You Couldn’t Sing/Play?

  1. totaltransformation

    “What if you could not sing, play an instrument, speak (or write), hear, dance, or move at all..”

    You asked the right person. I can’t sing, I am tune deaf, and I have two left feet.

    So my answer is to glorify God in all I can do. Go about my life with a joyful heart and a ready answer for from whence my joy comes.

  2. A. Post author

    Yes! :) Thank you so much for a reply. :)

    I’m planning to post an entry of my own related to the question–but we can do so much inwardly that doesn’t *have* to show outwardly as long as God knows it & we do. :)

  3. mandythompson

    i LIVE in these questions! i’m trying so hard to worship/lead the right way… i think, bottom line, its a matter of the heart. not the music.
    so i try to keep my heart in the Right place before God….
    its really about a life of integrity bf God & man….
    my goal is to live a life worthy of my calling.

  4. mandythompson

    oh! and i came over here to say i LOVE the idea of a women-in-worship type listing…
    and i’d love to devote some blendingworship time to put it together… but it’d take LOTS of help to get it done.
    maybe we could do one of those “guest writer” blogs w/ a lot of the women that we already know that blog and are in worship ministry…
    or just create a listing somewhere.
    what are your thoughts?

  5. A. Post author

    The heart… yes, most definitely! That’s the core of it all (no pun intented…)

    I sent you an email about our listing/blog idea. This is exciting! :)

  6. A. Post author

    Isn’t thinking an inward action? Or better yet, reflecting, praising, thanking & singing to God in your mind? God can hear it, even if others cannot. Is prayer a form of worship when you’re praising & thanking God for what He’s done for you? What about the heart – feeling & emotion? To feel – is feeling not an action even if it can’t be shown outwardly? Does God not know that it is there, whether it can be obviously shown or is just in one’s heart?

    But I get what you’re saying… worship in thought & feeling longs, aches & hungers ! to be acted upon, to be shown by singing out from the depths of our beings, lifting our hands, playing our instruments. I imagine that in such a scenario, unless one knew nothing different (was essentially born this way), it would be like a fire that would eventually consume you because of the passion burning inside to worship God outwardly! (Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks… or sings, heh.)

  7. Jon Gibson

    So, basically, I am in a wheelchair, can’t speak or move….is it possible to worship God in thought alone? I guess you can, but that’s like reading a book on how to play guitar and never really being able to do it. Worship, by its’ very nature, is an action, it’s a verb. There needs to be some action. If I am unable to even move, how am I really able to worship? I just don’t think it’s possible.

  8. Jon Gibson

    See, the way that I interpreted your question was that I couldn’t speak at all or sing at all. You are changing the scenario by saying that you can do that in your mind. While I agree that prayer and speaking to God in my mind is worship, I still think that in order for worship to truly be consummated, some kind of outward action step needs to take place. I bet you wish that I had never answered this to begin with…right?

  9. A. Post author

    No, I like that you’re playing ‘devil’s advocate’ like usual & being honest, & expanding my own thoughts on it. :)

  10. A. Post author


    I guess I didn’t think about that exactly. I do see what you’re saying though – if they didn’t know words, they couldn’t speak or sing in their mind, especially if they also could never hear. What about imagery? :) Or, what would happen in that case – that is, if someone couldn’t truly worship? It makes you wonder… how would they experience a relationship with God? Oh wow, let me just get all philosophical on myself. That’s not my forte, & here I go, digging myself into a hole (as usual!)

    I need to get reading – any books you know of that attempt such questions without screwing them up like I did of my own question?! Ha ha.

  11. Jon Gibson

    I think it’s awesome that you think about things like this. I think that you already read “Facedown” by Matt Redman. There are some old school guys who wrote some good books on worship too. Warren Wiersbe wrote “Real Worship” and A.W. Tozer wrote “Whatever Happened to Worship?” Both books are good from a different perspective on worship. In case you haven’t figured it out, I like to read stuff that will stretch my thinking, not just stuff that says exactly what I want to hear.

  12. A. Post author

    I love this stuff! I live for worshiping God, it’s only fitting that I can’t get enough learning about it & expanding what I already know (which probably isn’t much compared to you!) :)

    I have read “Facedown” & I own “Unquenchable Worshiper” but I have yet to read it. It’s on the to-do list though.

    I really want to read Sally Morgenthaler’s book on worship as well…

  13. Lisa

    I think that Worship HAS to be internal before it can be truly external. Jesus told the Woman at the Well that the time was coming (and is now) that we must worship in Spirit and in Truth. Worship is communication with God and I can communicate with Him without any physical manifestations whatsoever. So yes, I could worship minus my faculties. If you have the ability to do so, it will absolutely follow that internal worship will become external. But it must be internal first. It is my opinion that we spend way too much energy focusing on what it is supposed to look like, and not what it is supposed to be.

  14. A. Post author

    As I’ve probably said already, since worship is a heart matter, we can definitely worship inwardly, but the love we have for God–or should I say, the love He has for us!–will make (or should make) us absolutely ache to express it outwardly. Even someone who could not do so, would probably ache to do so, & I suspect that being in the same room with such a person would make us want to worship as a result of this person’s energy, which I think would be even more intensely apparent within the whole of the room if they couldn’t worship outwardly but were inwardly worshiping & aching to show their worship to God in ways that they could not. What an experience that might be!

    In my own experience, I’ve been at work or other places where I couldn’t outwardly show that I was worshiping & it was way hard! I could barely contain it at all & inwardly it was unbearable! Some less passionate may think I’m a little out there, but I would rather be thought of as out there than let go of even a tiny bit of the passion God has birthed inside of me! In fact, I want more! :)

  15. snowjunkie

    I don’t think worship is necessarily about any of those things you mention. It doesn’t matter if we are able to sing or not, or be able to play instruments, etc.

    Worship should be woven throughout our lives. In everything we do.

    Finding God in the little things and giving him praise in whatever way we know how.

    Spending time just thinking about God, meditating on his Word.

    Today the word worship has been associated with singing songs. This is wrong. Singing songs and playing instruments is only a form of worship.

  16. A. Post author

    I definitely don’t think worship is merely singing songs & what not. I do believe it is a way of life (you can see other things I’ve posted on this blog expressing that, heh), but the question was specifically if you couldn’t do anything to show worship outwardly because so many people think worship is only about making music (they’re missing out on a lot, aren’t they?!) :)

    In the question I stated you can’t even move… I used dancing, singing, playing an instrument, etc. just as examples of things you can’t do so that people would understand the question more thoroughly, which means you can’t even do your 9-5 job for one [probably not so good] example, which to me, as a part of every day life, is worship if we truly live worship as a way of life – how efficiently I work my job, if I have integrity, honesty in time working versus on break, & a good work ethic for example, are all showing obedience to God & is also an act of worship & of serving Him through this (& this goes for any job of course).

    But I still wanted to ask such a question, & you are totally on the right track! I’ve been waiting for someone to say more along the lines of ‘thinking about God’ – communicating with Him whether in conversation or in prayer or through His Word, & other things along those lines because these are big parts of worship for me individually as I go about my own day.

    Not making worship a way of life kind of goes along the same lines as the belief some have that one hour on Sunday morning is enough of God for the whole week. Eep.


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