Memories Made Beautiful

As a now intensely passionate follower of Christ, I realize in a new way why my grandmother never let anything stop her from expressing her love of Jesus Christ. How she used to sing, shout praises to Him, share Him with anyone she met without caring what anyone thought of it (I remember countless times in the grocery store with her, always feeling embarrassed by how seemingly loudly she proceeded to share the Gospel with the clerk that particular day)!

She didn’t care how she sounded when she sang, it didn’t matter if she was having the most joyful of days or the most depressing of days as she sang or shouted through smiles or through tears. The passion she had for our God was ever radiant in her face, the Holy Spirit sparkled in her eyes, Jesus’ love & saving grace poured out from her own heart.

I almost can’t write this, as I remember all these times, when I wish I hadn’t been there with her thinking it was strange or embarrassed by her proclamation of Jesus’ love in the supermarkets, & instead now wishing I had been declaring God’s love along with her. You see, I wasn’t a Christian then, & as a new Christian who can’t thank God enough for saving my life in so many ways & blessing me in many others, God has given these memories of my grandmother a new & deeper meaning.

I think back to these memories now, feeling Jesus’ love in my own heart & the presence of the Holy Spirit in my own life, & tears of joy fill my eyes. I can hear her now chanting, Happy, happy, happy! (as she often did when overjoyed when she was still on this earth) in response to my ever-growing faith & passion for God. I can imagine how her heart must burst forth with praises to our Almighty God in celebration & thanks that I’ve been saved & forever changed by His love, grace & mercy.

Her prayers for me – for my salvation – have been answered; & even though it only came after her death (at which time I feel was the beginning of God’s softening of my then-hardened heart), I know she must rejoice every moment alongside the angels in Heaven at my new life in & love of Christ, & I look forward to the day when I can see her again, & rejoice along with her & worship our redeeming King forever in Heaven.

Thank You, Father, for making these memories beautiful in Your love & grace. Thank You for my grandmother, who never gave up on me, even when she left this earth to be with You in Heaven. I love You, God! I thank You, Jesus!

2 thoughts on “Memories Made Beautiful

  1. This is true of many I think. I remember the faith and devotion and complete submission to God that my mother displayed, and it motivates me to strive after the same.

  2. Wonderful Blog, I know that sometimes, I can let things get in the way of Loving Him. Thank you!

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