Prayer Journals – Part I

I’ve been thinking of keeping a prayer journal lately, both to keep me aware of the things that need prayer in my life as well as in others’ lives, & to keep tabs on what God is working on with me personally. Currently, I do this on occasion, but in a journal along with all kinds of other things. I just recently took any poetry or songs out of that mix, & they now have a journal of their own, & I think doing the same for a prayer journal would be a good idea.

So… do any of you keep a prayer journal? If so (or if not but I’ve got you thinking about it), what would you record in it? Obviously, prayers or even just lists of things you are praying about, but what else?

For me personally, I think I would also add to the recording of my prayers any insights or changes God is making through or toward answering them, & especially writing down any prayers He puts in my heart that I otherwise wouldn’t have even given thought to.

I look forward to reading your own ideas & what does (or doesn’t) work for you!

2 thoughts on “Prayer Journals – Part I

  1. I have been thinking about having a prayer journal. I believe it would keep me focused, remember prayer requests, and remember His goodness. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. i don’t currently keep a prayer journal, although i’ve had one briefly in the past… it was valuable… but i fell through on the discipline.
    go for it! keep a record of answered prayers.

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