Worship Leaders: Do You Deal with Spiritual Warfare?

I led worship for our traditional service this weekend (we also have a contemporary service in which I am involved in the worship ministry…)

Well, some recent happenings got me thinking…

Do those of you involved in worship ministry (or in any church ministry, especially in more active and leadership positions) deal with spiritual warfare often? If so, I’d love it if you would elaborate on this if you can or want to. Anything else you’d like to say on this topic is welcome as well.

I experienced more than usual (or at least, in a different way) this week, mainly just early in the week, and then also had an experience on Saturday while driving in which I can only know that God protected me from (because nothing else explains it!) Of course, some of it could have been other things, but nonetheless, it got me thinking about this topic.

So feel free to discuss here.

6 thoughts on “Worship Leaders: Do You Deal with Spiritual Warfare?

  1. inWorship

    I have absolutely dealt with and am sure will continue to deal with spiritual warfare.

    For me it has come in the physical at times. Dealing with people, distractions technically or maybe just my own physical distractions(being tired or hungry). But, more than that, I have been dealing with my mind. I have to force myself sometimes to even pay attention. Trying to keep it from wandering. I’ll find myself thinking about things in the middle of leading a song and have to force myself to get back to what I am doing.

    I have also in the last 2 years been on an amazing spiritual journey and I am now dealing with bouts of depression. Not bad, but enough to make me lazy or apathetic. I’ve never been this way before and can definitely say it has been since I have been going deeper with God that this has been happening.

    I definitely wouldn’t discount anything happening to you as “other things”. I would definitely say that satan wants to distract and hurt us from leading and worshiping.

    Sorry this is long. I come here every once in a while and have enjoyed your thoughts.

  2. A. Post author

    Thanks for sharing & for your comments.

    I have definitely dealt with the mind wandering stuff, or just having my thoughts full of all kinds of things when I’m doing other things that don’t fully engage my mind (which gives just the room to allow it to happen!) & of course there’s anxiety (which I think is normal at times, but there are times when it makes no sense to be there, which is what often makes me wonder!)

    Today I’m ridiculously tired (though going on 4 hours of sleep will do that to a person), & it gets my mood down as well when that happens.

    I’m moving so fast in my relationship with God (which I’m so thankful for!) that I know I’m a target!

    Thank you for sharing, I appreciate hearing your thoughts!

  3. inWorship

    Thanks for the link, I’ve got you covered as well.

    I know for me when I am tired is when I am the most unfocused. Taking care of ourselves physically is huge and necessary. Sometimes it’s not possible though. Glad to hear God is doing great things in your walk.

  4. klampert

    yeah you bet. mind wandering isn’t that great. Also dealt with a spiritual heaviness, sleepiness, anger issues in the band. In some of my experience it required a lot more prayer before the service so the team could literally cast our cares upon Jesus

  5. James

    I constantly struggle with spiritual warfare in worship, but I think it just comes with the territory. If you look at the way armies advanced in the Old Testament, more often than not the musicians would be put on the frontline, ahead of the soldiers. The result was that they were always the first to be picked off by the enemy.

    I think the same stands today. As worship leaders, we’re on the frontlines and in the trenches, and the enemy knows that we’re vulnerable to attack, so he attempts to knock us down and out in order to get to the rest of the ‘army’.

    Now of course the flip side to that is that God goes before us, so we also get to see what God is doing, almost as a prophetic edge to worship.. I find that if I don’t keep myself in line with Him, I suffer the consequences and it becomes a personal issue as well as a leadership issue.

    It’s a tough subject, but one that is clearly at the heart of many worship leaders.

  6. Peter Park

    I’ll give you an example spiritual worship with worship. Back in college during a fall retreat my left hand become very painful. I was leading worship, and of course intending to play guitar. The ministry staff and the speaker laid hands on me and prayed over me. When we said “Amen”, my hand felt fine. And we worshipped God.


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