A Prayer: Let Our Hearts Overflow in Worship

A prayer from my heart as a worship leader:

Lord, I know we truly need to reach the unsaved of this world, but I fear that we’re not starting in the right place. Our own church buildings have people who do not know You or do not know what it means to live a life of worship, serving and glorifying You in all that we do. Yes, those of us who understand this fail many times, but so many are not serving to salt the earth by living as You have called us to.

I see and hear about many who stand motionless and emotionless in worship as we join together, and still others who don’t live their lives as living sacrifices for God, radiating with His love, mercy and compassion to those who cross their paths. What is needed so that believers will be moved to truly worship Jesus as He should be worshiped, to worship extravagantly with whole hearts, in Spirit and in truth, and as He deserves to be worshiped?

No, it isn’t necessarily about singing or the raising of hands as we worship in a corporate service setting, but our response to Your love should be obvious in our worship and in our very lives. Our gratitude should overflow from our hearts in a way that reveals itself in beautiful ways expressed through the effect of our lives on any person who crosses our path in extraordinary ways.

Lord, let our hearts overflow with love and adoration of You. Awaken our hearts to love and bring us back to our first love again.

5 thoughts on “A Prayer: Let Our Hearts Overflow in Worship

  1. A. Post author

    Yes, revival is coming! This is also my prayer for America’s churches as well. Thank you for commenting.

  2. Peter Park

    Thank you for sharing. This has been my prayer lately. I believe a revival in the U.S. church is coming. Revival begins in the church, not with the lost.

  3. inWorship

    Your prayer shoold definitely be a challenge to all of us in leadership at churches. we can’t lead people where we’ve never been. We have to be overwhelmed in our own lives by our amazing God. we can then encourage our people to do the same.

    Thanks for the prayer!

  4. rindy

    Just found your blog–good thoughts. I’ve been listening all week to Casting Crowns new CD–and the song ‘Somewhere in the Middle’. So many are bold to stand as Christians, until there is a sacrifice. Honest enough to stand for what’s right, until the lines of truth don’t fit what we want…check it out–I think you’ll like the words. Thanks for posting this!


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