Explaining Worship to Non-believers?

I haven’t had a lot of time or energy lately to post something coherent or worth reading (if I ever post anything worth reading anyway!) Nonetheless, I was thinking about something this evening as I read some in the Psalms, & thought it’d be a great question to pose to others, & am curious to see what others have to say.

The question:

How would you define or explain worship to a non-believer or anyone who doesn’t truly know what ‘worship’ is? & let’s make it a little more difficult — Try to do so in two sentences or less. :)

11 thoughts on “Explaining Worship to Non-believers?

  1. Christian

    A sacred connection with God that generates often indescribable and unexplainable uplifting emotions. This spiritual connection can be made through song, music, prayer, art, a sunset or the touch of another person.

  2. Shannon Lewis

    Not at all a problem: Worship is simply a whole-life expression of God’s value to us, much like telling our spouse that we love them while giving them flowers.

  3. inWorship

    Worship is exalting something to the highest priority and place in your life. As Christians we choose God as the center of our Worship.

  4. Stephen

    In its simplest terms, worship is whatever we make our highest priority in life; what we give our time, our energy, our attention, our affection and our resources to. Christian worship is anything that brings pleasure to the heart of God; anything that expresses our love for Him.

  5. tam

    “Worship is exalting something to the highest priority and place in your life. As Christians we choose God as the center of our Worship.”


  6. Amanda Post author

    Tam – just looking over these comments made me think. A friend from back in college said something tonight to me along the lines of ‘that’s just not my thing’ – referring to God/religion or whatever her own interpretation of Christianity/church is…

    It makes me think–God SHOULD be everyone’s priority, the absolute center of our lives, but so many people don’t want to give up the other things they ‘worship’ – e.g. money, things, fame, themselves, & so forth. Yet because He created us intimately to be exactly who we are, where we are, & doing what we are in His Name… I can’t help but worship for that reason! :)


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