Why Worry?

My worry, concern & stress are so unimaginably easy for God to handle.

He who made the stars, the earth, the animals, & most importantly, you & me — He can bear our simple, human burdens.

My current fears & anxieties, my doubts, my questions, my fright over the future — all of these are so minute, so small & finite compared to God’s might, power & control of all things.

Yahweh — who was & is, & still & always is!

He who knows me inside & out, who knows my thoughts, feelings & every prayer before it even surfaces within my mind.

My needs are so weightless a burden for Him who loves me so much.

Why then, must you worry? Why then, must you fear?

Pray then, pray.

Have faith in the One who is always faithful. Trust He who made you & loves you with a love indescribably infinite, unimaginably divine.

One thought on “Why Worry?

  1. This is a great post…sometimes it seems our problems are so mightily huge that we feel that praying may not do anything-but as you said, before the God who created the whole universe…they are so small, and He cares so much for us.


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