God’s Involvement Is So Obvious (Yet I Miss It)

Sometimes God’s will for our lives when we need to be sure of it is right in front of us; yet in my current experience, instead of seeing it, I have felt like I must have an excessively obvious response about the situation.

The answer is right in front of me, yet I miss it completely, oblivious to it! I forget about all the things the Lord has been doing to lead me up to this very time, preparing me & providing the experience necessary to take on what comes my way. He doesn’t prepare us in vain, providing experience for nothing!

I think part of it is that I didn’t see His will playing out like this in the least, & honestly still don’t want it to. Not that there isn’t or isn’t going to be good in all this, because God’s Word stately clearly that there is. Yet it isn’t an easy time for many of us, & I don’t think it is going to get easier just yet.

In fact, it can at times get worse in some ways, as often things sometimes do before the turn around comes. It can be challenging, it can be fatiguing both physically & emotionally. It will be a time to trust the Lord in His all-knowing & perfect path for all of us here. It will be a time of growing trust & faith, & being drawn closer to God through it all.

I’d been praying for my faith & trust in You to be made stronger, & it is surely happening. Nonetheless, I’ve failed in some ways, so apparent in my usual worrying about both the present & future, revealing my absolute need to put my trust & faith in You more! & still, this is something that will take continual prayer & constant surrender & casting my cares upon God in all things.

To end this positively… I thank God that He is faithful to all He loves, & that in revealing His will in any aspect of our lives — large or small — He will continue to prepare, equip & provide for us in whatever need we have.

God doesn’t at all leave us to fend for ourselves, giving us direction & leaving us on our own. No! He is our strength when we are weak, He is our Everything when we feel we have nothing, & what we already have is what He Himself has so graciously & lovingly provided!

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