God Is My Vision

Today I caught myself thinking something like: I like things the way they are, why this now? When I realized that this thought had crossed my mind, I was amused. How much over the last few months I’ve been praying & aching for change from what I’m doing currently. How much I’ve been longing for another chapter in God’s will for me to come to pass.

Or to state that differently… God is definitely doing something! He’s definitely getting ready to take me to another chapter relating to worship ministry! Shame on me for grumbling about change now, even if the circumstances do sadden me! (& I hope no one thinks they don’t!) (A little background: Change is in the works at our church, specifically affecting our worship ministry, some of which will bring greater commitments on my part at least temporarily).

Yes, these are people I’m going to miss tremendously on so many levels. Yes, I’m afraid of others I love leaving as well. Yes, I’m afraid of the numerous unknowns. Yes, I’ll face difficulties at times. There will be plenty of good things to come out of this, too! More experience in leading & planning worship services. Closer relationships with other friends in our church. Doing what God has created me to do on a different level than before.

& God is in control! He will continually reveal the unknowns (even those I haven’t thought of yet!) as He so perfectly times things. He will continue to equip & prepare me for whatever is needed. He will use all of this to grow our church & all those in it. He is faithful & will never forsake us!

This morning the Holy Spirit provided me with an encouraging reminder through the lyrics of one of our choir’s favorite songs:

Trust the heart of your Father when the answer goes beyond what you can see.
from Bow the Knee (Chris Machen & Mike Harland)

Isn’t that all I need to know for now? I hear a resounding yes!

2 thoughts on “God Is My Vision

  1. realworldmartha

    I think it’s important to remember God has a bigger plan but to also allow oursleves the mourning of the passing of something old. I don’t think God looks down upon us because we morn what was. I think He just expects us to trust Him along the way :)
    Have a Blessed Day,
    Debbie aka The Real World Martha

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