I AM – I Was

On to lesson #5 …if you have yet to check out Lisa‘s I AM So You Don’t Have To Be Bible study — check it out now!

An excerpt:

Have you ever found yourself floundering in a desert? Unsure of your next step? Feeling like a ‘has been’? There have been seasons in my life when my situation was so barren that I could do nothing but look back on brighter days and think, “then I could have done something great for God. Then my faith was deeper, my relationship with God stronger, my circumstances more blessed.” I used to be so heartbroken over what I believed were wasted years of ineffectiveness when now I understand God used some very painful circumstances to demonstrate His power to heal. They were not wasted days at all. They were days of faith, days of preparation, days of strength. His strength, not mine. He wanted me to know Him so when it was time to spread His fame, I would have an intimate knowledge of the Person of whom I spoke. It is hard to convince someone of God’s goodness when you have never actually tasted it. It would be like trying to describe the view from the top of Everest when you have never climbed it. He and I have climbed together and the summit is amazing, Dear Sister! He’ll take you too, if you let Him.

I AM Online Bible Study

Discussion Questions:

1. Have you ever found yourself ‘in faith’ yet bewildered or demoralized?

If any time, then just recently. I know God’s up to something, but it doesn’t keep me from being depressed about ‘the here & now’ or worrying at times, as hard as I try not to. I know He’s working though, & I just have to wait ‘in faith’ until He’s ready to reveal it.

2. Do you consider yourself content? Would you describe it as Decidedly Content or Dreamily Content?

Decidedly content, most of the time. I don’t have a choice really! …until God makes the next step or necessarily knowledge known to me or to any current circumstances. I long to be dreamily content…..!

3. If you are not content, are there circumstances that keep you from this feeling?

When I am not feeling content, it is usually because I’m not being patient, or am facing difficulty, or am just plain tired physically or honestly, merely tired of waiting! :)

4. Have you ever found yourself in a place where you looked back on a period of your Christian walk and believed a great opportunity passed you by?

Not yet… & I pray that I don’t miss one any time soon!

5. Do you ever believe your faith was stronger in an earlier time in your Christianity and find yourself floundering now?

It’s hard to say. I think it may have been ‘easier’ during the month after my baptism (this happened almost six months after I was saved). I am currently in a time when I’m working on having more faith & trust, especially when circumstances seem impossible to me.

6. Can you recognize that this season may be one of great preparation instead of a period of “I Was”?

I think the season I’m currently in is, or must be!

1 thought on “I AM – I Was

  1. Kim

    Amanda, I just read your discussion questions, and I just wanted to encourage you today. Remember that God has a plan for your life. Continue to lean on Him everyday, every minute, and he will bring you through. You will be able to look back and say “AH yes!, Thank you Jesus!”


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