God is I AM, Not I Was

Last night God gave me the meaning to a dream I had almost two months ago after all this time of praying about it & remembering this dream again the other day. I must say, His timing is always perfect!

I dreamed that someone misspoke the Scripture verse, John 14:6 to me by saying that Jesus was the Way, the Truth & the Life!

In the dream, I corrected them (Jesus said, “I AM the Way & the Truth & the Life…” – He is!), & then, I think I woke up. All I recalled of this dream was the words spoken, not a thing else that I remember.

I definitely wrote this one down, thinking it might have later significance, that someone may say this to me & I’d have to correct them & show them that Jesus is the Way. But as I was reading John 14 last night, God downloaded a new meaning into my heart & taught me what was really meant through this past dream.

Oddly enough, this dream had come either just before or just as my struggles of lately had begun.

I believe that God was using this to make the following clear to me:

That Jesus IS the Way & the Truth & the Life, not WAS! That I need to live like He is & not live as if His words are only in the past tense! I am saved by Him, & even the mistakes I may make don’t keep me from God’s love forever. He is the I AM, not the I was. The worrying I have been doing for far too long wasn’t revealing my living this God’s I AM in my life. I believed that He is, but I was living often times as if He was — still letting life get me down when God has everything under control! All I need to do is just let go of my burdens & trust Him.

This shall become my reminder when times get rough, when worrying or negative feelings won’t go away even when I want them to, or when life brings discouragement.

It’s amazing the ways God will speak to us, isn’t it? What’s your story of Him speaking to you in anyway?

2 thoughts on “God is I AM, Not I Was

  1. loopyloo350

    I am always amazed at the very smart people that try to put God into the past as if the only way he exist’s is in the Bible and that the words spoken back then were the only meaningful exchange with God in all of time. They want to limit him so they can say look God doesn’t exist because this or that is a paradox. It’s as if they can not comprehend that God does not exist in the past alone, but also the now and the future. God has never stopped talking, some people just stopped listening and others are afraid to admit that God talks to them everyday. We don’t respect the prophets. We fear the truth and yet accept the wildest delusions because we forgot how to listen and have the faith that God does talk to us. Good luck and keep listening.

  2. David Gross

    Isn’t it great how God speaks to us through dreams? I pray every night that God will give me prophetic dreams. I love how he gives them to me and later gives me the revelation.Somehow the mistery of this is a part what keeps me going. God is so good! It’s great how he uses those it seems like nobody else wanted to do great things. Blessings to you. Trust me…..I totally understand the things God is taking you through. He’s taking me through the same things as well as other things.


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