You’re All I Want

Lord, I don’t care so much anymore about the details, the music, the methods, about whatever goes into doing church. I want only to be at Your feet, lying with my face at Your feet. I want to let my tears of brokenness for the Church, my ache for the unity needed, my gratitude for Your grace, my frustration at anything or anyone who isn’t rightly motivated for You & You alone.

I’m tired, I’m weary. All I know is I just want You, time alone with You away from all the things of life that are distracting me. I don’t want to just play church. Church! Usual is over. (Someone at a worship gathering Saturday night shared that the Lord spoke this to them recently.)

I’m done with formalities, so-called traditions & intense scheduled-ness! You can’t put God in a box or hold Him to time constraints. He is outside of time.

I’m done with everything “as usual” — life, church & even me. I only want You, so engulfing me that I can’t even breathe anything of myself & only You & what You ordain.

I want to partner with You, & I want to see others do so as well. I want to be at Your feet, worshiping You in spirit & in truth, in tears of joy or tears of heartache. No matter my weaknesses, may I be found worshiping You all the more because You love me no matter what. I want to pour out my love upon You even when I have nothing of worth to offer except that which You Yourself have given me.

I’m done with anything that isn’t of You. I don’t want to be poisoned by anything contrary to Your heart. I just want You, to be at Your feet on my face! I just want You!

4 thoughts on “You’re All I Want

  1. snowjunkie

    I’m feel like I have no real sense of direction right now. It was good to read this. God Bless.

  2. Daena

    i came across your blog by googling ‘be thou my vision’. i’m going through this kind of situation now, and it’s good to know i am not alone in wanting to seek God even though i feel so tired of serving Him..of everything. thank you for writing that…it’s so real now i cannot explain it.


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