I AM – West Side of the Wilderness

Back to it – Lisa‘s I AM So You Don’t Have To Be Bible Study

I AM Online Bible Study

An excerpt:

Girls, I have no way of knowing where you are in life. I simply know where I have been in mine. I have experienced difficult times in the past that I can look back on now as preparation periods for my ‘now’ ministry. When I have endured long times of waiting, it has always been followed by a time of an intense encounter with the Lord where He lit a fire to have me recognize to some extent the reason I had to go through that trial. That fire was not only for illumination but also for rejuvenation and restoration depending on what my state of mind was at the time.

Scriptures to read & study: Exodus 3:1-9 & Acts 7:30-35

Discussion Questions:

1. How current is your God? Is he up to date on all your issues or do you have old hurts you still hold behind your back?

God is definitely current in that He knows all there is to know about me, after all He made me! However, it is definitely my tendency to pick up past guilts & other burdens that were made clean by His Son’s sacrifice, & this is something I still struggle with more often than I’d like.

2. Has the enemy ever told you there are situations that are ‘old news’ that are better left stuffed down? Or perhaps because they were so long ago they can’t possibly be affecting you now?

Not that I don’t think, but more like the enemy trying to make me, as I said above, take on old burdens of past guilt or mistakes, whether the tiniest things or more than that. I’m so different than I feel I was in the past & have changed tremendously, but it’s the burdens of regret or guilt that can be used to get me down when they shouldn’t because of the Cross!

3. In the matter of established authority, does God truly reign in your life? Where are you when He calls your name?

I want it to be that way, for sure, but I so often try to take control, especially in times when I’m impatient or dealing with ‘unknowns’ – trusting God is something I’m still having to work on, but I hope that I’m improving! As I already mentioned, I too often try to take up the burdens that I’ve supposedly given to Him. Max Lucado’s book — Traveling Light — is a good one for any of us doing that in our lives!

4. Do you ever feel God has forgotten you in your ‘west side of the wilderness’?

Oddly enough, no. I think I blame myself usually for that! Another one of these things I am/need to work on!

5. Have you ever experienced a time of cleansing where God has illuminated and rejuvenated you? If not, do you find you are in need of this now?

When I was saved this began to happen for me in so many ways because of all the preconceived notions I had about myself, my life & the world. It continued again about six months later more deeply in my own understanding of things as well. I feel like I am in need of a time of cleansing & rejuvenation now as well, as I’ve been struggling far too much over the past few months with a lack of confidence & struggling with the balance of doing good & right by God but not getting legalistic on myself! It’s like I’ve been (& still am to an extent) going in circles, spiraling onward on the path but going back & forth, & I wish to get out of the spiral!

1 thought on “I AM – West Side of the Wilderness

  1. Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife

    “spiraling onward on the path but going back & forth”

    I wish I had a nickel for every time I felt I took two steps forward and three back. I always love the New Year because it is such an appropriate time for fresh resolve. I need a heaping portion this year! :)

    So glad you are hanging in with the study…It’s great getting to know you!



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