Merry Christmas!

I’ve been busy just as many of us are in this season, but I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas & new year!

I pray that none of us will forget the truth & hope of this time of year — the worship, reflection, & gratitude to God for the sacrifice of His Son to make us free from sin & reconcile us to Him! Remember, if there was no Christmas — the birth of Christ — there’d be no Easter — the resurrection of Christ after death to end death’s sting for those who believe once & for all! :) I pray also for all those who come to truly know Jesus during this season as they are embraced in love & grace by God & begin their journeys as new believers.

I pray that we won’t be overwhelmed by the world’s ways of celebrating the season, the business of this time, & the stress that can come so easily. I pray that all of us are able to even more spend cherished time with family, & deeper, one-on-one time with God as the new year begins!