Reflections for the New Year

A little late for something like this sort of post? :)

This has been one amazing year (& a half!) So much has happened in my life directly related to God & my life in Him (but then again, it’s ALL related to Him!) Even then I can look back a few year prior & see how He has been working on me & pulling me to Him, straight up to the time I was [officially?] saved last November, & also throughout the present time of now.

In all of this & then some, it feels as if God has pressed the fast-forward button on real life as it began in Him. He:

  • brought me to my current location through one thing, but for a purpose totally different.
  • opened my eyes & ears to the truth of the Gospel, that I previously didn’t have ears to hear as someone who believed in Him & even prayed, but had no true relationship or knowledge of the Truth (aka Jesus Christ!)
  • in opening me to Truth, taught me who I was as His child & as created in His Image.
  • revealed my purpose (or one of them) in serving Him on this earth.
  • opened doors for me to begin doing this more fully in worship leading & helping in worship ministry at my church a quick five months later.
  • is using me in the music ministry & providing experience to prepare me for the future in many, many ways.
  • has been & is continually teaching me about Himself, deepening my relationship with Him & living by the Holy Spirit & in obedience to Him.

By His working in me I’ve come far, & still yet have far to go. I fail, too often. I’m learning, all the time. I struggle, longing to move farther but yet not ready until His timing is right! I’m content — learning that true contentment doesn’t always match feelings, because faith is not a feeling & no matter what, I have Jesus Christ living in me & whatever happens in this earthly life, I have a hope & future to look forward to with Him.

God amazes me, & I pray He does so in the littlest or largest ways each day, reminding me of why I should rejoice in Him always! What will this year hold? Only He knows, but I know that with Him leading the way, I will never be able to truly imagine what He has planned infinitely & abundantly above & beyond what I can ever foresee.

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