Heaven’s Music: What Will It Be Like?

Have you ever wondered what music will be like in Heaven?

Think about all the facets of music now — technologies, different types of scales of both usual & unusual forms, the different instruments & different timbres of both these & our own voices & even the voices of animals of all kinds.

We can’t begin to imagine such things on an infinite scale! The instruments used to express in musical form God’s glory in Heaven; the timbres arising from the voices of both ourselves, the angels, & the living creatures all worshiping God. The sounds of creation itself worshiping, the sound of the trees, the rocks, the cosmos, all worshiping in their very own God-ordained ways.

I can imagine pitches that will exist that our human ears have never heard or imagined. Our spirits will hear things our flesh kept us from hearing in all its beauty or from hearing them at all.

Our vocal ranges & instrumental abilities will be infinite & we will be able to praise God in any way by the music God births in our spirits with which to exalt Him. & as one voice we will lift up new songs to Him with all the creatures of Heaven in worship of our glorious King in Heaven!

Can you imagine it? I can’t! Even what I’ve described in this blog entry is so incredibly finite compared to God’s infinite creativity, but this was what God seemed to bring to my mind this morning, taking me away from the worries that attempt to bother me. What a most wonderful height to take my imagination away from the burdens of this life!

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