I AM – Who Am I?

I’ve gotten so behind in this study, but finally I’m on to the next lesson in I AM – Your Sufficiency: See Lisa‘s I AM So You Don’t Have To Be Bible Study

I AM Online Bible Study

An excerpt:

But Moses said to God, “Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?” – Exodus 3:11 (NIV)

“Who am I?”

That, girls, is a loaded question. The world tells us our identity is defined by our appearance and possessions. In a sense, the world is correct in identifying our worth as something outside ourselves. However, notice when Moses asked the question in the above referenced passage, God did not respond with a list of all Moses’ qualifications. Instead He said, “I will be with you.”

… God is asking no less of us today than to believe He is sufficient to accomplish any and everything He could ever ask of us. He doesn’t choose us because we are qualified, but because He wants to trust us with His Wonders. The thing about Wonders is that they aren’t very wonderful if they do not originate from the ordinary. Let’s explore this a bit in our Discussion.

Discussion Questions:

1. How would you answer the questions, “Who Am I?”

I am, more & more each day, becoming who God wants & made me to be, despite backwards steps, failing, or success.

2. Have you ever been in a situation where you felt inadequate because of your lack of a ‘tagline’?

I just began leading worship as a part-time interim worship leader at church, & though I’m not feeling completely inadequate in an overwhelmed sense of things, I know that without God I couldn’t do it at all (& would never have ended up here in the first place!) I do feel inadequate though, when thinking too far into the future of where God may (or may not!) take me with the abilities & gifts He has blessed me with & how He may use them & stretch me in how He uses me for His own purposes.

3. Do you have skills or position that you believe God could use mightily if only He would?

Not really, honestly. I feel like I’m in a waiting, experience-gaining & learning process sort of time with both my relationship with God & what entails this season of my life right now. & patience isn’t my best characteristic, but I am thankful so much for all the experience God is bringing my way — it could always be worse! :)

4. Have you ever lost a position or station in life you believe could have ‘helped God out’ with something He has asked you to do? If you haven’t lost out, do you perhaps feel you have to gain this in order to be useful to the Kingdom?

I’m not honestly sure I have an experience with which to answer this one, but I believe there may become a time — who knows when or how soon or late but God though!

5. How are you with your dialogue vs. doubt conversations with God? Which does God hear most from you?

This is a hard one, probably the doubt reflected even in how I live sometimes from day-to-day. At the same time, I know He is up to something, & this gives me great hope — I think it’s my patience & my endurance running thin some days or moments that allows the doubt to creep in.

6. Do you believe God’s Wonders become more wonderful if they originate in the ordinary? Any Scripture references come to mind?

Totally. I feel like one of those wonders sometimes, in looking at how far God has already brought me since before I was a Christian & how much He has done in me. It also makes me think of all those God uses — the flawed & failed according to the world’s standards — to use in amazing ways. I count myself among those, & know quite a few others who fit this as well. God uses the ordinary to show His glory & power strong!

Biblically, I think of Paul in the New Testament for one, when he was at first a Jew bent on destroying Christ’s followers, & then he was used by God to be an intense catalyst in bringing the Gospel to so many. I also think of Peter, who after denying Christ before His crucifixion, was restored by Jesus & also became another most important influence of the church’s beginning.

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