God Is Perfect Love

You are My child.

Thank You, God!! You are good. You are GREAT! You are love…. perfect love!

I really have no words, but I needed what this weekend has brought via a retreat with many of the women from our church. We did Beth Moore‘s Loving Well series, & God used it mightily in us.

God, thank You for loving me unconditionally, for ministering Your love to me. Help me to truly let You love me with Your perfect, unchanging love.

Perfect love casts out ALL fear.

How many times You’ve spoken this to me, & how I’ve only seemed to half-get it, or something. It’s time to stop this once & for all. Stop letting the enemy fool me into thinking I have to earn this & will be punished if I’m not “perfect” enough, stop feeling guilty when I don’t do as well in anything as I think I should. Stop condemning myself & being so hard on myself.

I’ve been fighting this far too long. It’s time I just trust You & let go of all this bogus junk, & just let Your love overflow into me without fear! It’s based not on what I do, but it’s based on You, Your mercy, Your grace, Your love!

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