Don’t Let the Past Keep You From God’s Current Move

I found this post via Nathan’s blog very relevant for many. I felt this would hit home with some of you, including some of you I know outside of the blogsphere. :)

If we cling to the past when God has previously moved, we will miss what He’s doing NOW. If we spend all our time wishing we could be back there, doing whatever, we’ll miss the moments and opportunities that God lays before us on a daily basis. Sometimes we catch ourselves wondering out loud, “God, why don’t you ever show up like you used to?” We’re so busy waiting for a repeat of a previous chapter that our current page remains blank.

This is so true. Personally, I have to admit that as a very emotionally-geared individual, I struggle with being stuck more on feelings than faith sometimes. Also, I know this is true for our church in a different way as well, as a friend once shared what God woke her early one morning to remind her of (& in turn for her to share with our church family), which was strikingly similar to Nathan’s comment above.

In essence, we can’t keep looking back to past moves of God or past successes or we’ll never be on board with what God is doing in the here & now. We may even miss seeing it entirely, our focus stuck years or months back missing what we once had. We’ve got to instead start looking at what God’s doing now & either get involved in it or get out of the way.

Go read the rest of Nathan’s blog entry here.

1 thought on “Don’t Let the Past Keep You From God’s Current Move

  1. lizlovesyou

    This is so true… There is a song that says Don’t you know, you can’t see tomorrow as long as your looking back”. Which I totally agree with.


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