Not Quiet, Loud

I read an interesting blog post the other day about how quiet time shouldn’t necessarily be “quiet.” In fact, he states that quiet time should probably be called “noisy time.” One particular quote that stood out to me:

…the standard practice for both public and private prayer is to speak so as to be heard by the Person with whom you are talking. Prayer is verbal because it is relational. I’ve known many people whose relationship with God was significantly transformed as they started to speak up with their Father.

I am personally too hard on myself about spending ample quiet time with God, & I often berate myself for not meeting my own standards at times. Then again, my standards have recently shown to be a little wacky! Quiet time isn’t only time spent deeply focused in God’s Word (which is what makes it meet my now changing standards)! That is definitely important, but isn’t the essence of time spent with God. Renewing our minds in God’s Word is absolutely essential, but there are also other “God time” things that are necessary to a truly intimate, two-way relationship with God.

Though essential, it can’t just be reading or Bible study. It’s about daily communication with God. It isn’t called relationship just to have a special word for it. It’s a relationship — just like one’s relationship with their spouse, parents, children & friends. Is every moment we spend with other human beings quiet? Do we talk to them about what’s going on in our lives, & also listen to what they have to say or show in response? That definitely isn’t 100% quiet. We have to speak up!

Often the focus when talking about “God time” is spent on our need to listen more, & this is so incredibly true. But I have a feeling there are others out there who don’t see God as someone we can be intimately upfront & honest with no matter what.

Our God wants to hear from us. He wants to know when we’re hurting, rejoicing, or just plain bored. He wants to know our dreams so that He can exceed our imaginations in making them come true. He wants us to call on Him when we’re confused so that He can shed new light on His truth. He wants to respond to our prayers by birthing in us feelings of greater faith, hope & encouragement. Our God wants us most of all to come to Him. He wants to show us the way to Himself. Whether we know it or not, we’re indescribably hungry & thirsty for Him, & He wants to fill us like no one or nothing else can!

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