Amazed by His Spirit’s Leading

I have a God story to tell today. :)

If you are familiar with the song Dance With Me, you know that the song comes from Song of Solomon and refers to God as “the Lover of our souls.”

Before we sang it this morning, our contemporary service worship leader had something to read to our congregation. As he began reading, I started to think that it was sounding awfully familiar and emotion began to flood my heart. I had written it! It was posted on my blog!

It turns out that our worship leader had no idea that it was my writing as inspired by the Lord. Later on, I shared with him and another friend in the car about how it blessed me that God used something I had written. It was then that he remarked that he didn’t know I’d written it, and  had “stumbled” upon it via a search engine.

I was blessed, humbled and loved on by God as part of this post was read to our congregation, and that God would use it in my very church, without myself or the other worship leader knowing it beforehand. What unity that is–totally a God-thing, uniting with our hearts! How amazing our God is!

I am greatly blessed that something God’s teaching me could be used by Him for others. It was just… that God would use something like that, the mere outpouring of one’s heart. I am humbled. And I am praying that God will bring us closer and closer to Him as a church, as His beloved children!

Early service:

  • O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Neale/Coffin, Plainsong adapt. by Helmore)
  • The Savior Is Waiting (Carmichael)
  • I Need Thee Every Hour (Hawks/Lowry)
  • Choir: All the Earth Will Worship (Bible/Fettke/Kingsmore)
  • Offertory: Holy Spirit, Rain Down (R. Fragar)

Contemporary service:

  • You Are Good (Houghton)
  • Rain Down (Martin Smith/Stuart Garrard)
  • Freedom (Bushard)
  • Dance With Me (Chris Dupree)
  • You Won’t Relent (Misty Edwards)

This post is apart of Sunday Setlists – click the link to see others’ setlists.

8 thoughts on “Amazed by His Spirit’s Leading

  1. Wayne

    What an awesome testimony of how God is using YOU to minister to your congregation AND your church staff! Could you receive a bigger affirmation?! I praise God with you right now! I got chill bumps reading it! Woohoo! That’s awesome.

    So you guys did Israel’s You Are Good? How did it go? That song is on our rehearsal list and about to go into our rotation. We aren’t there yet with it though… getting there, but not quite yet. It’s really high energy and we are going through this thing with our group that everyone is like statues on-stage! LOL! We are really having to coach animation and smiling and stuff. Does your group ever go through anything like that?

    Love Holy Spirit Rain Down! We do that one quite often. Great set, girl!

    Hope you have a blessed evening to go with your totally blessed morning!

    Wayne over @

  2. Amanda Post author

    @Steffanie – Go for it! :)

    @Wayne – We’ve done You Are Good for a while. Great song, our congregation absolutely LOVES it! We mainly try to get everyone clapping, but our group is a mix of “quieter” worshipers (movement-wise), more animated folks, and some in-between.


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