Real Love

This is what real love is:
It is not our love for God; it is God’s love for us.
He sent His Son to die in our place to take away our sins.

(1 John 4:10 NCV)

God’s love for us is the truest of love. He wants so much for us to come to Him as He beckons us to allow Him into every part of our lives — lives that He gave us through His Son Jesus.

It’s amazing that though our love for God is imperfect and often unstable, He delights even when we try to express our love for Him. After all, the other alternative would be not seeking to love Him at all, so how much more does God delight when we try.

Now this is truly perfect love — God’s love for us, that though we ourselves are imperfect, He gave His Son to die for our sins that we could know the love of our Father.

God, help us to know You as the Father who loves us and wants to be with us, flawed as we are. Help us to know the vastness of Your perfect love for us and that You delight when we even try to express our love for You. Your love is perfect, indescribable and everlasting! Thank You, God, for Your love!

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