Prayer for the Church

Below is a prayer that I am praying for the Body of Christ. Feel free to print it, pray it and share it. Links will take you to related Scripture passages via BibleGateway.

Awesome and mighty You are, God! God of the universe, God of the impossible, God of all! Father, Spirit and Son, three-in-one, incomprehensible to human minds, the Uncreated One, our Maker!

Full of love and truth, full of mercy and justice. So holy and compassionate that You gave Your Son’s life to take away our sins! And Jesus, You rose again to life by the same Spirit that lives in us! Thank You, Lord!

Come! Come, Lord, do what only You can do by Your Spirit! Pour out Your Spirit as You promised!

Set the watchmen on the wall, Lord. Send them in! Send the intercessors, the prayer warriors, the worshipers of You. Every believer is called to pray; so, Lord, give us hearts to pray, to pray without ceasing.

Prepare the way, God, that we would live fully free in Your love and worthy of Your calling. Prepare the way for the lost to know Your salvation. Prepare us and help us to prepare others.

Prepare our hearts for revival, that we would seek revival Your way, not ours, for Your glory. Help us to die to ourselves, our preferences and desires, knowing that to live for You is true life! Let Your wants and desires consume us like a fire, all others erased.

Teach us how to live in step with Your Spirit, not gratifying our sinful natures, and strengthen our inner man to do so every moment. Help us abide in Your love and bear much fruit of Your Spirit.

Help us to be people genuinely after Your heart like David was: Not perfect, but repentant and seeking to be made more and more like Christ.

Help us to pray and fast like Daniel. Let us be unafraid of doing all You ask just as Noah did, building the ark despite no appearance of rain as he prepared for the flood.

Help us live knowing Your return is so close, and seek first Your kingdom and righteousness.

Let us expect the unexpected because You are God of the impossible!

Help us to contend in prayer for the lost to be saved, the oppressed to be delivered, the captives to be set free, and Your truth and love to prevail.

Set the wrong things right, remove the darkness and bring Your truth and light. Come, Lord Jesus, come!

2 thoughts on “Prayer for the Church

  1. journal4rhea

    I agree with this prayer in Jesus name, and I pray it with all my heart. Thank you for sharing, you helped me to pray and intercede on a day when I did not have the words…

    1. Amanda Post author

      Thank you! I am glad that I went with that still small Voice and started to write what I was praying–I felt like I was supposed to as I read/prayed some from Isaiah 62 tonight. I’m sooo glad God used it and for your agreement in prayer! :) May God bless you abundantly beyond all you can ask or imagine! :)

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