Put Your Songs in Our Hearts

The sheer weightiness of God’s presence during our pre-service prayer time blew me away me this morning.

Saturday night I had a tension headache that continued into morning, threatening to make the day more of a fight for focus than usual, but the weight of God’s presence and the focusing of my mind on Him quickly swept it away. What’s such a pointless thing as that compared to the beauty of God anyway?

God awakening my senses to His presence as I entered into worship and His presence eclipsed all else. His glory far eclipses all afflictions, large or small (a headache is nothing compared to other things!) As the lyrics of the song How He Loves go:

“…all of a sudden I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory,
and I realize just how beautiful You are and how great Your affections are for me.”

I’m finding the sweetest moments with God are when He’s refining you in His fire, growing you into a tree with roots planted deep in Him by the streams of His Living Water, and making you more Christlike (Psalm 1/Jeremiah 17). It’s worth it. It will be worth it. It already is worth it. Jesus is the One I want to live for. What else is there? Nothing and no one is better. He’s the fairest of all!

Today I wanted nothing more than to be still & quiet before God’s throne. God both amazed and blessed me at once, and how humbling this is! That God would, firstly, send His Son to take away my sins, though none of us can even love Him without Him! And that He would bless by using the imperfect vessel that is me as His vessel when God needs no one–I mean, one word from His mouth  brought forth creation–why would He even want to use me?

Yet so much does God care, about each one of us! Yes, He doesn’t need us–He’s God, but He does want us! I can’t repeat it to myself or remind others enough, nor can I fathom it fully: God made us to love us and us to love Him, to have a relationship with us. God is love!

I wrote this in magnetic poetry on my fridge yesterday:

lead me to the mountain, Lord,
teach me the language of Your heart.
give strength to my spirit,
and humble me like Jesus.
I rejoice in Your everlasting love!
sing Your freedom songs through me!

He’s been answering that prayer all along, but today He took it to a new level in me for His glory yet to graciously show me who He made me to be as His vessel of love, truth and light!

Lord, You are outstandingly loving, merciful and beautiful! Keep putting new songs and prayers in our hearts and upon our lips, words wholly inspired by Your Spirit! We need the songs and prayers You want sung, proclaimed and prayed more than any others!

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