Growing in Intercessory Prayer

During our internship we have been learning about intercession, a type of prayer that is focused on praying for others, situations and issues. I finally saw clearly how God’s government truly works through asking in prayer for Him to do His will and for His Kingdom to come in the earth as it is in Heaven. I see the tremendous value of prayer more than ever before, especially in praying God’s heart versus our own agendas.

In prayer we are partnering with Jesus Christ—the ultimate Intercessor and High Priest. Our intercession is to remain rooted in the place of intimacy with Him and co-partnership as ambassadors of reconciliation.

I know that I will take prayer even more seriously now, seeking God’s heart in how to pray, wanting to pray only what He wants. This is truly death to self and denial of our own wants; if what we are praying is out of alignment with His will and Word, we really shouldn’t pray it at all. This is also why the Apostolic Prayers, prayers in the New Testament penned by the apostles, are so important.

I want to be His friend, weeping with Him, rejoicing with Him, praying in true partnership and union with Him.

One area of improvement I have discovered is my need to fight for that “quiet place” with God. I need to consistently put off distractions and always seek to pray His heart.

To be able to intentionally listen for His voice and grow in hearing Him clearly, it is of necessity that we learn to quiet the traffic within our souls. We cannot completely silence it, but we can reroute that traffic into a focus on speaking to God and praying in the Spirit as we listen for His words

As we press through even in the silence of waiting, we will surely hear His voice so that we can pray His heart. We don’t want to waste any time with prayers that are unanswerable–prayers that are not in agreement with His truth and plan.

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