Update 09-19-09: Enjoyed by God and True Success (Internship)

For my internship, one book I have been reading is Seven Longings of the Human Heart by Mike Bickle. God has been impacting my heart greatly in this, especially concerning the longing to be enjoyed by Him. (Scroll down this page to download a free PDF that Mike has of this book.)

Specifically while reading the chapter on this longing, God continually encountered me with the truths being shared, from the first sentence onward! The truth that He enjoys me even when I am not doing perfectly is big!

“Our success is measured solely by the fact that Jesus values and desires us.”– Mike Bickle

Nothing else matters! As the Lord touched my heart with this truth, His presence fell upon me in the way that Isaiah 62:5 speaks of: He was rejoicing over me as a bridegroom delights in his bride.

His love brought me into such a stillness as He enveloped me with His presence. I could only rest in His presence, quieted in my soul and overcome by the intensity of His presence. I couldn’t hold back the tears if I had tried, nor would I have wanted to. What a revelation!

Recognizing our longings before God frees our hearts to love Him more because we cease fighting against the way we have been made by Him. We are empowered to seek Him to fulfill these longings instead of falling into temptation to meet them in sinful ways. It helps us not try to deny desires which we cannot cause to disappear, denying ourselves of even the spiritual pleasures ordained by God Himself.

 As Jesus opens our eyes to the truth that He alone satisfies and of how God made us, we will cease our attempts at fighting such a losing battle with ourselves and seek Him in our need.

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