Praise Is the Key

A bird does not sing because it has an answer.
It sings because it has a song.
– Chinese Proverb

Praise is the key You have given me, lifting my voice in song to praise, to praise my Lord and Savior. And my song is always with You – I always have a song!

I ascend into the mountain of the Lord through praising in song.
I sound His song on my flute and then I arise.

I arise to new heights, to heights soaring in His love,
lifted by His presence as on eagle’s wings.

Like an eagle I fly, I fly high, higher and higher,
yet deeper and deeper into the heart of the King.

I am His royal daughter. A worshiping warrior: Called by His name, spreading His fame.

The mountains shake with His presence. The winds blow strong, His fire burns away the chaff and ignites me in His love and jealousy over me.

He is my God, my King, my Father watching over me, Abba. And I will arise and I will praise You my God, and I will ascend with the song and with the flute, in praise and victory, to the mountain of the Lord, my Rock, the Lord God, my God.

“You shall have a song as in the night when a holy festival is kept, and gladness of heart as when one goes with a flute, to come into the mountain of the Lord” (Isaiah 30:29)

It is in using the key You have given me (PRAISE with the SONG!) that I ascend into Your heart, that I ascend to the mountain of the Lord. In all things let me lift my heart and lift my voice in praise to You, my God!

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