Warrior Lovers of God

I had a dream last night that I saw something like a document about something related to pursuing God that had a sort of list on it. I don’t remember clearly enough to write down all I saw, but I am praying for God to reveal more. I even wonder if it may exist and I am going to definitely spend some time searching it out.

What was on it that I do remember is that it spoke of being a warrior–a warrior for God. I feel that it was communicating that this is a thing of great importance in our pursuit of God. There was also a second list in this document that spoke of how people can get tripped up, if you will, and do not pursue God at the highest level. Again, one of the first things on this second list concerned when people do not choose to become a warrior!

Before continuing, I want to define what I mean by “the pursuit of God.” For me, the pursuit of God means pursuing the deepest possible relationship with God–true intimacy and personal interaction with Him as the One we seek to be closest to–compared to any other human relationship or activity. We are to be lovers of God, and He is Father, Bridegroom, Best Friend, Comforter, Helper, Guide…our Security, Refuge and Strength… essentially, He is our EVERYTHING.

Being a warrior in Christ, what does that mean? As I was contemplating this dream, what came to mind was that being a warrior means standing your ground and putting down all that keeps us from deeply pursuing God.

We must push through all that hinders us from entering into “the secret place” with Him – that place where we talk and spend time with Him where no one else can take part except for us with our highly personal and loving God. It’s that way of living our lives in continually abiding with Him (John 15)–not just talking with Him for only a certain set time each day, but also talking to Him throughout the day and about everything!

In pursuing lives that fervently go after God and pushing through all that distracts and hinders love, WE ARE WARRIORS!

We war against all that tries to keep us from staying continually connected to God and in the deep secret place of communion with Him, and when we’ve done all we can, we stand firm in steadfastness (2 Cor. 10:3-6, Eph. 6:10-18). We grow to know His perfect, unconditional love for us and not only know it, but grow to feel His presence as He is always with us.

God is not as man can be at times that He would lie (Numbers 23:19): No, He is truly for us and always with us (Romans 8:31, Matthew 28:20). As we take our place as warriors of Christ, standing firm and fighting off all distractions, we are flinging wide the doors of His throne room and coming boldly into the presence of our God (Hebrews 4:16)! And as we do this, we will truly experience the truth of His presence always with us and a deep connectedness with God in our pursuit of Him.

2 thoughts on “Warrior Lovers of God

  1. Kris

    It is a pleasure to have run into your blog. I read several of your posts but this one finally made me stop to comment because I have been thinking all week about being a ‘quiet warrior’. I look forward to reading more.

    1. Amanda Post author

      Kris – thank you again here also. I’m finally getting back to replying to a few comments here – sometimes I don’t get to it like I should. I’m glad that this post encouraged you and I love thought of being a “quiet warrior” for Christ! Have you heard of Graham Cooke’s Warrior series? I’ve been wanting to get into this one myself – have heard that it is excellent!

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