Who Are YOU?

Who we are is not what we do.

God has been showing me so much about who I am by showing me who He is. He has been showing me this outside of what I do, what gifts or skills I possess, or who I know. It’s not about those things, nor is who we are determined by our job, ministry, money, or material things. There is so much more to it, and these things are merely temporary. Who we are is far more.

I am God’s beloved. He is my Father, I am His daughter. I am royalty, and beloved. I am seen by Him as loved and loving.

I am not just a musician, worship leader, intercessor, poet and so forth. These things are what I do, not so much what I am. I may play the flute and piano, sing, write songs and blogs, pray, work a job and serve in the home as a wife, but more than anything I am my Lord’s.

Most of all I am beloved–loved of God, and a lover of God; one who is after His heart.

He is love, and His Word is truth. He defines me perfectly, truthfully and rightly.

It’s not just the time I give to singing and praying to God and for God that makes Him happy, it’s the simple fact that He loves me! If I had to earn His love through any sort of activity, it would not have mattered for Him to send His Son to pay the price for my sin and enable me to have a relationship with Him. But He did send Jesus–not because of anything I could do, but simply because He loves me and wanted a restored relationship with me.

He doesn’t make demands, He doesn’t get mad at me when I mess up, or when I don’t pray enough or say the right words when I do. He just calls me closer. Even in the conviction of my failings (sins), He doesn’t put me in time-out, but He calls me nearer because He doesn’t want sin to get in the way of our relationship or how I view Him and His love.

He loves me. Most importantly of all, He loves me for who I am, not for what I do. Most importantly I am beloved of God and a lover of God.

When people see me, I don’t want them to see a flute player or worship leader above anything else. I want them to see one who loves God and is loved by God, one who is after His heart.

So, who are you?
I hope that sharing what God has been teaching me has helped you see who you truly are according to our Father God and His love for you! You are His beloved and He loves you for who you are in Him, not for what you have done or have failed to do.

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