A Growing Passion for LIFE

Over the last several weeks, my passion for LIFE and to see people awaken to the tragedy of abortion is growing rapidly. Honestly, I didn’t quite understand how it was happening myself.

I have been drawn like a magnet to Bound4LIFE’s blog and to prayer. I have been longing for our local Bound4LIFE chapter to begin having silent sieges again, which is a silent prayer meeting in front of either an abortion clinic where we put red tape on our mouths with the word “LIFE” and pray for the ending of abortion, revival in our nation, and the healing of those affected by abortion. (Just a note: The current head of our local chapter has scheduled a siege this month!)

I began thinking also of my friend Mandie, who was previously the head of the local Bound4LIFE chapter in our area, who was killed by a drunk driver two years ago. I get some sneaking suspicion that she has been beckoning Jesus to give me a greater passion to pray concerning the issue of LIFE. :) Of course, I myself have asked God to give me this passion before, and He is answering this prayer relating to this cry in His own heart.

At this moment, I want to share some things that have come to my attention, praying that others will see the true reality of why LIFE is the only way of truth in the matter. A baby is a human being at conception, and I do not believe anyone can rightly reason themselves out of this truth. A baby does not get to choose the timing or circumstances of their conception or coming birth. At conception, God breathes life into the child (Psalm 139:13-16), the choice of the parent cannot do this.

Why should not a baby also have the right to live the life that God Himself has given the child to live? No person should decide whether a baby will be allowed to be born or to take from them the opportunity to live out the dreams and destiny that their life will unfold and that God has in store. (And for the parent(s) that chooses life, this child is apart of their destiny and dreams as well.)

Tonight I am specifically praying for our nation’s leaders and people, that they will be moved by God’s love for them and how He gave them life and wants all to have life without it being snuffed out before they have the chance.

I pray that they see that the devil is the one who kills, steals and destroys, but Jesus came to give LIFE abundant and desires all to have life. (Abortion not only hurts the child being aborted, but also the mother and others involved in many ways, and the devil knows it.)

I thank God for those who have had to suffer abortions themselves, and have been healed and set free by God, His love and His truth. I pray God will heal those who need healing from abortion’s effects in the lives.

I am also praying that all will remember our nation’s Declaration of Independence, and realize that abortion violates the right to LIFE stated in it:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among those are LIFE, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”
(The United States Declaration of Independence)

May our nation’s people and leaders be moved by God’s heart that every child, even in the womb, have the right of LIFE, not the threat and finality of abortion, which would leave them with a life taken from them, unable to be lived; a destiny and dreams never getting to be realized.

Who knows what those children who have been lost could have accomplished in this world–becoming those who help, cherish, lead, teach, encourage and love, those who might bring even more LIFE to our world’s needs concerning poverty, ending world hunger, cures for diseases, and even more.

1 thought on “A Growing Passion for LIFE

  1. Elise Stephens (@elisestephens)

    Hi Amanda,
    I followed your comment on the Introvert’s Survival Guide over to your blog. I too feel strongly on this subject of the life of the unborn. It breaks my heart that the US is so divided on the issue. You’re right about all those things that those babies could possibly do to help the world, if they were given the chance to live.


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