Prayer Is Conversation: Growing in Intimacy with God

Prayer is simple in concept, but often becomes complicated when we walk it out. We may even wonder if we are doing it right! In this post, I want to bring us back to the simplicity of prayer, and introduce prayer as a primary way to grow in intimacy with God.

Prayer, simply put, is communion with God. Prayer is often expressed as having conversation with Jesus and loving on Him. It is a time of focused attention on Him, talking to Him and pausing to listen as He speaks to us.

It is most beneficial to set aside daily appointments of uninterrupted time with God to grow in intimacy with Him. This forms a foundation for connecting with God throughout our day and in all we do. As we introduce conversation with God into our devotional time with Him, we will more easily begin to talk with Him throughout our day as well.

Short, Simple Phrases

Just saying “I love You” to the Lord is a valid form of prayer. Spending a few seconds several times a day, we can connect with God more simply by telling Him how we feel about Him.

I recommend this: Whether in your quiet time, during a worship service, or even throughout your daily activities, pause to speak to God in short phrases of 5-10 second prayers; then pause to allow Him to respond back to you. You want a two-way conversation, not a speech from you to Jesus.

Conversation with God builds our connection with Him, helping us learn to connect with Him no matter where we are or what we’re doing.

Example: As you spend alone time with Jesus, tell Him, “I love You, Lord. Thank You for Your love for me. I am so grateful for You in giving Your life for me.” Pause for a moment. Then go deeper, asking Him to show you His love even more, allowing You to feel what He feels or to know His thoughts toward you. Again leave room for Him to respond to you. Ask His Spirit to show you how He loves you.

Some simple phrases you could also start with:

“Show me how You feel about me/a friend/this situation”
“Give me Your eyes to see”
“Make me more aware of Your presence”
“I choose to trust You”
“You are beautiful”
“Teach me Your ways”
“Remove all that hinders me from knowing Your love and showing it to others”


A great acronym that’s easy to memorize and use is T-R-U-S-T: Thank You, Release revelation, Use me, Strengthen me, Teach me. You can find this acronym and more here: Prayers to Strengthen Your Inner Man by Mike Bickle (free PDF download).

Devotional prayer is one way we abide in Christ (see John 15). You can also read or hear more about this in a Bible teaching by Mike Bickle called How to Develop a Strong Prayer Life, and also Pray Daily: Connecting with God While Changing the World.

I pray this instruction helps you grow even closer in your relationship with God. Feel free to share comments or ask questions.