Conversation with God in Prayer: Three Simple Words

Often I find that we can make prayer a complex thing, or something we do at a set time for an hour or more each day and that’s it. Yet prayer is something that is so much more.

Prayer, simply put, is a communion with God, it is conversation with Him, loving on Him, talking to Him and listening as well. It is something we can do throughout each day and even on our beds at night. It is more than just a quiet time each day with a part set aside to pray. Oh, it is so much more.

I’m not going to try to cover the entire subject of prayer right now, but I do want to share some things I have learned that can help us all to abide in God, essentially, to talk with Him throughout our days no matter what we are doing. You can also read more about this in a Bible teaching by Mike Bickle called How to Develop a Strong Prayer Life, and also Pray Daily: Connecting with God While Changing the World.

Three words and short phrases

Just saying “I love You to the Lord is prayer. Spending just a few seconds several times each day we can be praying and conversing with God far more than we do in just one set time each day. It is simply this: Ever so often throughout our daily activities, pause to speak to God in short phrases or 10 second prayers. You can do this even while you are simultaneously working with your hands, driving, or whatever else.

Praying throughout the day, we can build our connection with God by abiding in Him no matter where we are or what we’re doing.

To use the above example, we can simply tell Jesus we love Him – “I love You, Lord” – or ask His Spirit to show us the way of loving like He loves. Thank Him for His presence or for something He has done that touched your heart. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you, to reign in your emotions and thoughts, or to help you, such as helping you to fix your eyes on Jesus or whatever other need you have in that moment if there is any more specific. Ask Him to help you trust Him, or just confess your choice to trust Him.

Some simple phrases (just a few for suggestions and ideas):

“I love You”
“Thank You”
“Give me Your eyes to see”
“Make me more aware of Your presence”
“I choose to trust You”
“You are beautiful”

“Teach me Your ways”
“Remove all that hinders love”
“Fill me”
“Use me”

Of course, it’s simple to bring your own heart’s prayers to the Lord as well.

A great acronym that’s easy to memorize and use is T-R-U-S-T: Thank You, Reign in me/Release revelation, Use me, Strengthen me, Teach me. You can find this acronym and more here: Prayers to Strengthen Your Inner Man by Mike Bickle (free PDF download).

I pray that this teaching helps both myself and all of you who are reading to go deeper into the place of prayer, whether during sustained times of focus solely on the Lord or throughout our daily activities of life. May His fire ignite an even larger flame in our hearts for Him, that we would desire to be with Him more & more. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Have there been times when you’ve made intimacy with God overly complicated? What do you do to remind your heart that it’s not so hard to connect to Him in the Secret Place as it seems?

3 thoughts on “Conversation with God in Prayer: Three Simple Words

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