Boot Camp Your Soul

When your mind is running off track into the recesses of worry and fret, tell it to sit down, be quiet and trust your Father God who is over all. Speak to your soul, tell it the truth of God! Boot camp your soul and bring it into subjection to the truth and will of God through worship in the Secret Place, making melody in your heart, praying in the Spirit and declaring the Word of God!

His Son holds all things together (Col. 1:13-23), including you and your life. He WILL accomplish everything that concerns you (Ps. 138:8). He IS using all things–ALL THINGS!–for the GOOD of those who love God, to transform us from glory to glory into the image of His Son (Roman 8:28-30).

You ARE His beloved.
You ARE free.
You are the righteousness of God in Christ.

Father sees you through the eyes of love, the blood of His Son, not your sin, not your struggle, not your past mistakes nor all those heart aches.

He sees you, He knows you, He made you and He formed you, every intricate detail of you, before you were anyone else’s first thought. He knows you INTIMATELY (Psalm 139:13-16), so He knows how to bring freedom to every area of your heart and how to orchestrate every area of your life.

Cease from striving to perfect yourself, stop trying get everything right, and be still. Let Him take all the night’s darkness, make the wrong things right and make you whole, no matter your plight (Psalm 139:11-12).

Be still and know that He is God:  If He will be exalted over all THE NATIONS (Psalm 46:10-11), shall He not also be exalted in EVERY area of YOUR life, and bring you into the beautiful image of His Son?

He who sent His Son to take our sin and its penalty, shall He not freely give you all things? Shall He not turn the wrong things right? No never (Romans 8:31-32)! On the contrary! He shall surely rain down His love and righteousness upon all your life!

Oh, He can and He will, He is faithful and He is Love! It is the enemy of your soul who tells you otherwise, telling all his ugly lies, trying to keep you down and kill your soul’s belief, hope and trust.

Believe and trust, don’t look on the outward appearance of things, but look unto Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of your faith, Who for the JOY that was YOU set before Him, endured the cross (Hebrews 12:1-3) and set you free to be who He made you to be in Him:

HIS BELOVED, free from sin and death’s dark sting!
Hallelujah, and amen!

How’s your soul? Do you speak to your soul and declare life over yourself? What declarations do you make each day from the Word of God?

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