His Faithfulness Reaches to the Skies

This is the most snow I remember us getting, with the exception of one other time, since the first big snow I experienced when I moved to the area where I am living now. And this brought to my mind how far God has brought me since that time, and I realized just now that one of the prayers of my heart–to grow a history of intimate relationship with God–has been and is still being answered.

I still remember the time I would sit on the floor in front of the coffee table with my Bible, right after work writing Scripture verses, a time that I did not know then would so solidify His Word in my heart. Or mornings when it was still dark, journaling as I went through a devotional on pursuing the presence of God, and days sitting at my kitchen table writing all that came to my mind upon reading one verse about how God feels about me, His love amazing me more and more.

I remember the day I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and received my prayer language on my own couch when a friend prayed with me. And the night when God’s presence so stilled and quieted my soul, in a way I had never before felt Him so near.

So with a tear forming in my eye, I watch the snow tonight, ever thankful to my faithful Father, the Lover of my soul, Jesus, and His Holy Spirit living in me, leading and guiding me through this life and deeper into His heart.

I hope that as you read this, our lovely Father God brings memories into your own heart, showing you how faithful Christ has been as you and He build a history together of intimate embrace–you and your Maker, so in love.

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