He Sees Your “Yes”

I think when we get to Heaven we will be amazed at the sweetness and perseverance of many of which we had no idea were going through such trials or persecutions. We will be in awe because they refused to speak of the negative in their trials and situations, instead making it their aim to speak forth the goodness of Jesus to them each and every day – regardless of their circumstances and the outside appearance of things.

I think we ourselves will also be surprised at how sweetly Jesus encourages us for our own perseverance during times when we feel like we were failing miserably, yet He will say something like, “You didn’t quit, so you win! You ran your race and you wouldn’t quit even when you thought you were failing so much. You keep going. You kept on pressing on! (And I can see such joy, excitement and delight as He says these sweet words giving life!) Even when it seemed everything you did was flawed, you were still saying yes to Me in your heart and that is what I want.”

Jesus doesn’t ask for perfection. He wants our hearts. And He says, “I will perfect all that concerns you” (Psalm 138:8).

Be encouraged. He is faithful to your heart and He will most definitely complete the work that He started in your life (Philippians 1:6).

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