Joy of a Different Sort

There exist rare moments of quiet joy
That creep into times of trial or pain,
Moments when we know God must be with us
After hours where we felt He was away.

Moments where we feel beautiful or loved
In the loneliness of sheer brokenness,
In the midst of our pain or suffering,
Or in the feeling of our own weakness.

Is this what it means to say,
“I am dark, but You say I am lovely”?

Surely there is a closeness with Jesus
That is felt in trials, brokenness or pain,
A sweet fellowship in which mourning flees
As His joy comes, the light of a new day.

2 thoughts on “Joy of a Different Sort

  1. I have been going through your poetry, they are all very beautiful, you are very gifted. I really really love this one, though all of them I have read so far are really good.

    • Thank you so much. I appreciate the encouragement so much as it fuels me to pursue some of the things on my heart. (I hope soon to get them into a book together available for Kindle and other formats.)

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