The Spring Has Come

There You’ve been waiting, peering between the lattice; near, yet waiting, longing to draw ever nearer still. Waiting for Your beloved to quiet her soul and enter into the Secret Place of silence to dwell alone with You.

The Spring has come, the trees grow green and the birds sing their joyful melodies. The Son has risen and the Bride is now following close behind, her confession that His leadership is perfect and His banner over her is love.

In the Secret Place of quiet they dwell together as He draws her into deeper union with Himself, preparing her for true partnership in the establishment of His eternal Kingdom of life, love and light.

Now is the time, no holding back now. Now is the time. Together You’ve drawn us to Yourself. May the King come into His chambers, the very garden of our hearts–His resting place, His garden. His and His alone.

(From my book of poem-prayers, still yet to be officially titled and published, but soon to be, by faith!)