He Desires Your Nearness

He Desires Your Nearness“You are beautiful, My love, all fair. How beautiful is your love to Me, how I relish in it daily, your desire for Me being perfected each day. Do not despair, I AM with you. I love you. I want you and I desire you with a ravishing love, a love that takes over all of you. Do you long for it? Do you desire it? Ask Me. Ask for the more of Me, the depths, the yearning of My heart to be the yearning of your own.

“I ache with desire to fill you up with My love-filled self over and over. I want you. Yes, I love you. You are Mine even in the pain, even in your struggles! Yes, beloved, I never stop loving you! I am never against you! You are Mine and I give you all of Myself. Don’t hold back now. Don’t hold back from this God who loves you so, your Bridegroom. Come, receive of My love. Come, believe My love, for I do love you, My treasured Bride. Let Me fill you with all of Me, all My goodness coming down, with My all-consuming love. Come, My beloved, for I draw you away, and let us have sweet fellowship together.”

– Your beloved Bridegroom, Jesus