You Really Do Love Him

imageThere are times when we feel we are struggling so much that we must not truly love God, times when we feel our sin is greater than the goodness of Himself that He has placed within us. Or we may feel this in moments in which we feel we are failing Him.

But know this: If you’re even thinking these types of thoughts, it proves that you love God! If you didn’t love Him, you would not care about receiving the breakthrough you so long for.

You are desiring to love Him and to be all that He’s created you to be. You’re desiring to walk in the victory Jesus has purchased for you. And again, it shows that you really do love Him and want to please Him.

You may even say it to Him often, saying “I really want to love You, God!” And no matter how far you feel you have yet to go so you can walk in your full freedom, you are running in pursuit of His heart. You DO love Him!

Do you see how you do desire God? Ask Him to show you
even the little things within your heart that show that you truly
do love Him and share with us what He reveals to you.