God in the Little Things

God in the Little ThingsMany wrongly believe that the Lord will only speak to us about big things, forgetting that He cares for us even in the little things. He loves us so much that He knows the full number of hairs on our heads. God’s Word says also that His thoughts toward us even outnumber the grains of sand on a seashore (see Psalm 139).

The other night I was singing from the Psalms while worshiping. My hand was bothering me from a long day of work, and my wedding band felt tight, so I took it off and placed it on the pages of my open Bible, to rest and massage my hand.

I heard within me a warning not to put it there, as I’d fall asleep as I was lounging on the couch and it would possibly fall to who-knows-where.

Oops! I ignored the wise warning, dismissing it as a random thought.

I did eventually fall asleep for while on the couch before going to bed. I honestly knew it was the Holy Spirit who had warned me, but for whatever reason I missed it completely. The next morning I woke up and realized I didn’t have my ring on. I searched and searched places it could most likely be, but failed to find it. It was not even in the pages of my Bible.

As I typed this then, my hubby was gently shaking out my Bible, and my ring fell out from the pages, though I definitely remember not seeing even evidence of my ring among its pages. That is something to be grateful for! Thank You for mercy in my failure to listen to Your wisdom, Lord!

Pay attention more to God’s Spirit within you. Listen often for His still small voice. He cares so much for us that He gives us even seemingly minuscule tidbits of wisdom about things we sometimes think do not matter to Him.

There have been many times in my life where God has orchestrated things I never thought He would even care about. Over the years, Jesus has shown me that He truly cares for us in even the little things.

How has the Lord shown you His love in the things of daily life?
Have you experienced His presence even in the mundane
or the places where you’d least expect it?
Share how God has made Himself more personal to you in the little things.

5 thoughts on “God in the Little Things

  1. Exactly what the Lord is reminding me this week, to listen to His Spirit. To the still small voice that speaks to my spirit. He is there and wanting to share things with me. Excellent post!

  2. All day long You tell me that You love me. All day long You tell me that You do. All day long You tell me that You love me in the little things that You do. A butterfly, a laughing child, a daffodil in the wild. It’s the little things that You do. A warm Spring rain. A quiet refrain. A snowfall in Maine. It’s the little things that You do.

    • Marc, you always write such beautiful poetic words to the Lover of our souls! I’m so glad the Lord allows others like me to enjoy the gift He has given you as you share it with the Body of Christ.

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