Sing of Me to the Nations

Word from the Father to me on October 22, 2014.

I wrote them as I heard Him speaking to my spirit, and just now have I been able to read over what He was saying and share here. May He encounter you also as He desires.

“Come to Me, My child, My beloved, that we may sup together in love and life.

Be with Me, ever near. You are My beloved, and I treasure you. Do not take that lightly, for I have clothed you with the blood of My Son.

Yes, this is your Father speaking, and you are hearing Me well. I am encountering you and preparing you as My prophet to nations. Yes, I have called you. Yes, I have seen your cries, and I have heard your words and your desires.

I am your Beloved also, one whom you cherish and hold dearly close. I know you love Me. I know that you want more of Me, and you shall have more… and more, and more. Just come to Me, be with Me.

Be not afraid, be not distracted. Sing! Sing, My beloved daughter! Sing of Me to the nations, sing of My worth to the people. Sing of Me to all those who both know Me and those who do not. Sing, sing, sing of Me, beloved!  I am with you. I am within you!

Yes, you are My vessel. Hear that: My vessel. I choose how to use you and you desire My choices over all others. You want My will, truly. This is your desire and this brings Me great joy. Yes, you are Mine.

I am filling you right now and you feel this, too. Even as you write down My words to you, I am filling you up with Myself. Even more am I pouring into you. Even more am I loving on you, deeply and surely.

I am one with you. You are My beloved, you are Mine. So sing! Again I say, sing, My beloved daughter! You are not alone in the work I have called you to, so sing of Me as you always do. Sing boldly, confidently, without hindrance. Sing of Me! Sing of Me! I love it when you sing of Me, My beloved!

I love you, My beloved daughter.”

Yes, Lord. I desire You and I desire to sing for You and of You, and for You alone. I am Yours! I am Yours! I love You, I desire You. Come, have Your way!

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