Dying to Ourselves: See the Beauty in the Process

The fall season is a great metaphor that I believe God has given us to teach us about the beauty of living a life crucified to Christ.

Look at the leaves. In the spring they are green and bright, but after summer, the season of autumn comes and the leaves begin to die. They are dying, yes, but as the season progresses, they produce the greatest show of beauty for our eyes to enjoy. They grow more and more beautiful until they begin to decay, soon falling from their branches.

Winter comes and the trees seem bear and ugly, but then warmer temperatures return, bringing with them the budding of new shoots of green, and the leaves grow brightly green once again, full of life!

When we die to self and live for Christ Jesus, it often looks like death and bondage to the outside world. Even to us it feels like nothing is changing as we face the challenges of our weaknesses and temptations. Nonetheless, know this: Our denial of the flesh and pursuit in living for God is truly a fragrance of beauty to Him and those who love Him.

Like the colorful transformation of the leaves in autumn, we are also beautiful to God as we deny ourselves, seeking to love Him and others as He loves us.

Continue to fix your eyes on Jesus and crucify the self-life. Even in the process of this challenging journey, you are beautiful to God and His grace is sufficient for you.

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