Come and Be with Me

The Lord spoke this to me early Sunday morning, and I felt He wanted me to share it:

“You have said, ‘I want to love You more,’ and I see. I see how you desire Me, how you want to care for Me, for My heart, to minister to Me. You feel you do not truly know how. You long to be caught up in Me–deeply, fully, unceasingly. And I would say to you, My dearly beloved, just be with Me. I love to be with you, even in silence, even when you don’t know where to begin or where to start. I love to be with you, spending time as one.

“Do not fear My touch, as I teach you, as I bring you to Myself more deeply, for I have much to say to you and much to impart to you. It is My good pleasure to give to you of My Kingdom and Myself. I love to spend time with you.

“I want to pour out of My life upon you in full. I want to give you of My time and My heart. I want you to know My heart as deeply as can be. I want to give you access to My deepest cries and longings. My heart is yours, and yours is Mine. I have so much to pour out, beloved Bride. Oh, I love you so! Come, be with me.

“Don’t shy away from My presence, but come. I love you. I have much to give you and speak to you, dear heart, much for you to receive and much for you to know and learn. But first you must know Me Myself, My Person and all I am. First you must come to know Me–intimately–before all else. This, above all, is most important. This, above all, gives you life and liberty in My presence. Knowing Me intimately, this is true life, everlasting life.

“The promises will be fulfilled. My truths will be made known. My heart your life will display, but first you must know Me, or all else is for naught, all else is for nothing. So come to know Me. Come and just be with Me, growing in the knowledge of who I am in intimate relationship with Me. Not mere head knowledge, but deep experience of who I truly am, the Beloved of your soul, your Savior, King and Bridegroom God.”


And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. John 17:3 (NKJV)

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