Is Christ’s Pure Bride Hidden Away for a Time?

Is the truly pure, spotless Bride of Christ Jesus hidden away in this season for a time yet to come? Recently this thought came to mind.

Where are those who refuse all that hinders love and will entertain no other lovers than Jesus? Where are those who refuse to compromise even when the world says sin is okay? Where are the ones who seek to be transformed at the discovery of any struggle with sin in their lives?

Where are the poor in spirit who know they are nothing without Jesus, who hunger and thirst for Him and his ways? Though far from perfect, these are the heart cries of the pure Bride of the beautiful Lamb of God.

While the world and even those professing Christ, condone sin, the true lovers of Jesus who love as He loves yet refuse to condone sin are being purified to arise without spot and wrinkle. Though many hard questions attempt to sway us, we seek to stay aligned with God’s heart of truth, love, life, and redemption from darkness, evil, and the schemes of the deceiver.

It grieves me to see the Word being so twisted and Jesus being misinterpreted to fit people’s fleshly desires as they seek to pacify the very conviction of God’s Spirit as He desires to set them free, and worse yet, those who say they know Him yet live in and teach others to continue in lifestyles of bondage.

We are called to co-laboring with Jesus in seeing captives set free, yet others who say they have made Jesus their Lord and Savior are teaching people that their bondage is okay with God, and they themselves are also captive to the same.

God truly loves them, but not in a way that gives allowance for sin that keeps them bound to the destructive ways of the enemy. He wants His children to be set free by the delivering power of the Holy Spirit into the beautiful liberation of a son or daughter of Abba God. Father God wants them free from sin and sent Jesus, His very Son, to die for this reason, and oblivious to or in denial of their own imprisonment, they are blind to the fact that they have bought into the enemy’s traps and lies, forfeiting the great destiny God truly has for them.

At the other extreme, there are those not acting in love and instead like the Pharisees, holding to truth yet without living as Christ’s ambassadors of reconciliation. Between these two extremes, it seems the set apart Bride, whose eyes are only for Jesus and His ways of purity, is hidden away unseen, being made ready for her King.

We need the secret place now more than ever as the world’s atmosphere is ever increasing with poison and filled with vile endeavors.

I so passionately believe that at God’s appointed time, the Bride will arise, standing out in stark contrast upon the backdrop of a dark and deceived world. She will shine ever so brightly for the King of kings, and He will come, a double-edged sword of truth in His mouth and love in His heart, truly showing the world the difference of light from dark from the very roots of love and its unblemished marriage with truth.

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